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Located in the Fairview Chiropractic Clinic on the north side of Fairview Street, Just west of Guelph Line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions can you treat and how quickly will I see results?

Chiropractors are practitioners trained in the neuromusculoskeletal system. This means they are qualified to diagnose and treat problems with the spine and joints. The most common conditions are back, neck, and head pain, but many chiropractors also offer corrective exercises, as well as lifestyle and nutrition advice.

The results of your treatments will depend on your condition, the severity of your disability, and the length of time you have had the problem. Individual results will vary, but one of the reasons many people choose chiropractic is that the results can be quicker than other methods.

Are chiropractic manipulations safe?

Chiropractic adjustments or manipulations are drug-free and non-invasive, which makes it a low-risk therapy with few complications.

What is the science behind chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a frequently studied discipline with a strong foundation in science. Six formal government studies over the last 25 years have concluded that chiropractic care is safe and effective. Each of these studies have recommended public funding for chiropractic studies, and countless clinical studies have assessed spinal manipulation and found it to be an effective, appropriate, and cost-effective way of treating low back pain, as well as other chronic complaints.

Is chiropractic preventative?

Clinical studies suggest that chronic conditions can become less frequent and less severe when the sufferer is under regular chiropractic care. Further study is required to determine if ongoing treatment can prevent pain from occurring in the first place.

What education does a chiropractor have?

Training for chiropractors is focused on three key areas: basic education on the biological and health sciences, specialized training in chiropractic care, and extensive hands-on clinical training. In Canada, this requires a minimum of 7 years of post-secondary education that includes a minimum of 4 years of full-time classroom and clinical instruction.

Is chiropractic regulated in Canada?

Chiropractic is a self-regulating profession with provincial regulatory bodies with the authority to grant licenses to practice. Each of the 11 Chiropractic Acts (one in all 10 provinces, plus Yukon Territory) requires university studies and graduation from an accredited institution, plus a passing grade on national and provincial board examinations.

Are chiropractic treatments covered by OHIP or other insurance plans?

Chiropractic is not currently covered by OHIP, but it is covered extensively by many third-party insurance programs, including worker compensation boards, automobile insurance, and private health care insurance offered by employers.

Will a chiropractor refer me to a doctor or other practitioner?

Chiropractors are well trained to recognize risk factors and disease patterns and will not hesitate to make an appropriate referral if the patient will benefit from one.

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Higgins Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic has been an integral part of the Burlington health care community for over 35 years. With a convenient location on Fairview St and a well-respected team of knowledgeable practitioners, we offer a full range of chiropractic and osteopathic services to both adults and children.
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Higgins Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic has been an integral part of the Burlington healthcare community for almost 35 years.

With a convenient location on Fairview Street and a well-respected team of knowledgeable practitioners, we offer a full range of chiropractic, massage, and osteopathic services to both adults and children.

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